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The Best Password Protected Voice Recorder?

The Best Password Protected Voice Recorder?

Ideal for users who are looking for simplicity and security on a budget - the Speak-IT Password Protected Recorder enables users to PIN protect their device. This means that any sensitive, personal and confidential recorded material can be protected with a 4-digit PIN lock when stored on the device itself and when transferring to a PC via USB.

Tried, tested and approved by The Voice technicians; the Speak-IT Password Protected Recorder is rugged, reliable and compatible with a range of accessories and external microphones making this the perfect device in almost any recording scenario, whether it be meetings, interviews, lectures, conferences, telephone conversations or voice memos.

Other professional dictation machines offer 256-bit AES encryption for users who require more robust data security. The Speak-IT Password Protected recorder costs just £49.00 and satisfies the requirements of many users just looking for basic security. In fact, this is the only voice recorder of it’s kind to offer simple PIN protection.

Click here to purchase the Speak-IT Premier Password Protected Voice Recorder for just £49.00 plus VAT, or call today on 0121 456 7800 to speak with a member of the team. 

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