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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Medincle Spell Checker for Microsoft & Mac

£103.01 | £85.84 ex. VAT

Designed to aid learning, enhance productivity and reduce errors, the medincle Spell Checking Software provides up-to-date British Medical proofing to individuals and institutions accross the UK.  



The software is a simple internet download which will automatically augment the user's word processor to enlighten it to the world of medical lingo and enable proofing of medical terminology. 

The software is distributed through email and can be purchased as an individual or institution.

We supply our 'DSA Approved' medical spellchecking software to students, healthcare professionals and secretaries across the UK. Enhance your productivity and reduce errors with a life long licence to Medincle.

Medincle Spellchecker for Windows and mac - provides advance medical terminology
Maybe you don’t just type, but you also use dictation software. Medincle+ includes our standard Medincle spell checker, as well as a British biomedical plugin for Dragon Dictate and NaturallySpeaking.

Medincle+ enlightens the tools you love to healthcare jargon, providing over 60,000 specialist terms. 


medincle medical spellchecker from Speech Products UK, supported by mediwikis
This software is supported by Mediwikis - the learning community for medical students.


This product has been tried and tested by our team of experts and is highly recommended for purchase with Windows Microsoft Office and mac iWorks & MS Office. Here's what our experts say... 

"Wow, what a fantastic piece of software! There are similar software packages available that do a similar job, but none that give full UK medical vocabulary and text correction and certainly none that do it for such a resonable price. 
Want even more value for money? Go for Medical Plus which includes both the SpellChecker Software and the Dragon Vocabulary bolt-on. This gives you full capabilty for Dragon Speech Recognition within the medical environment at a fraction of the cost of Dragon Medical Edition."


Key Features
  • Full UK Medical terminology (Not USA like others)
  • Bolts on to your existing word processor with no additional buttons or windows to distract
  • Simple and fast download and installation via email
  • Affordable British Medical Spell Checker
What's in the Box
  • Medincle Spell Checker for Microsoft & Mac (Online Download)



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