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1. Number of users

Decide on the number of concurrent licenses you require. That is the total number of users who will be utilising the software at any given time.

2. Choose your license

Choose either 'Enterprise' 'Enterprise Plus' or Enterprise Plus incl. Dragon. You can read about the modules included in the 'Concurrent Plus' license below.

3. Choose license period

Licenses are available as both a one year and a two year subscription. The longer the subscription, the better the value.

4. Mobile service option

This optional service allows Android & iOS users to securely dictate and send directly from a mobile device.

Philips SpeechAir 2 PSP2100 Order Online from Speak-IT Solutions

SpeechExec Enterprise Version 7.0
Concurrent User & Concurrent User +

The SpeechExec Concurrent User License includes the core SpeechExec Pro Dictate/Pro Transcribe software package, linking authors and typists.

This license contains the management tool which allows for the central configuration of both individual and group user settings.

The SpeechExec Enterprise software works across Citrix and virtualised IT environments, allowing users to roam freely and utilise the software from any PC within the network. 

What about 'Plus'?

The SpeechExec Concurrent Plus User License offers all of the same functionality than the above, plus the full range of SpeechExec Enterprise modules. These include the following:

- Statistics Module
- Workflow Manager
- Remote Device Manager
- Speech Recognition
- SpeechLive

SpeechExec Enterprise Concurrent Plus +
SEE Plus + provides users with access to the entire range of additional modules

(+) NEW SpeechKit

This module allows for the integration of speech recognition including DPG, DPA and more. Utilise the latest innovative technology to boost productivity and increase overall efficiency.

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise V7 with Speech Recognition Integration

(+) Workflow Manager

This module allows you to manage and automate the workload within your system. Set rules to re-distribute work based on work-types, priority, attendance and even time left unfinished.

Philips SPeechExec Enterprise V7 Workflow Manager Module

(+) Statistics Module

This module displays comprehensive statistics on dictation, transcription, job status and workload. Graphical output provides clear analysis and results can be easily exported for further processing.

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise V7 with Statistics Module

(+) Remote Device Manager

IT administrators can centrally configure all Philips dictation hardware and programmable accessories including foot controls, saving time and resources.

Philips SpeechExec V7 with Remote Device Manager

(+) SpeechLive

Outsource dictations for transcription and server-based voice recognition. Store your dictation securely and comply to GDPR regulations utilising Microsoft Azure.

Philips SpeechExec V7 with SpeechLive Cloud Integration

(+) Web Access

Enjoy location independent working from any computer, e.g. when working from home or a during business trip. Web access allows you to be independent from your workstation. 

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise V7

Go Mobile with SpeechExec Enterprise
Mobile Service (LFH7340/00)

Take your dictation solution mobile with the Philips SEE Mobile Service. Authors can dictate using a mobile phone or Philips SpeechAir device and send to your Enterprise Workflow - from anywhere in the world!

SpeechExec Enterprise Mobile Service can be added to any concurrent user license for only
£89.00 plus VAT (per annum)

Philips SpeechExec Enterprise V7 with Mobile Service

SpeechExec Enterprise Concurrent User Licenses
Purchase online or call on 0121 456 7800

Philips LFH7353/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License (1 Year) - Speak-IT Solutions LTD
Philips LFH7353/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License (1 Year) - Speak-IT Solutions LTD

Philips LFH7353/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License (1 Year)


(incl. VAT)

Philips LFH7351/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License Plus (1 Year) - Speak-IT Solutions LTD
Philips LFH7351/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License Plus (1 Year) - Speak-IT Solutions LTD

Philips LFH7351/00 SpeechExec Enterprise - Concurrent User License Plus (1 Year)


(incl. VAT)

What's new in SEE Version 7.0? 
Call the experts at Speak-IT

SEE V7.0 will take the speech recognition workflow in enterprise environments to the next level. V7.0 now supports state-of-the-art speech recognition technology by using Nuance SpeechKit, which allows you to outsource the speech recognition process to a dedicated server. 

  • Real-time speech recognition that turns voice to text immediately.
  • Background speech recognition for previously recorded dictations
  • Full Nuance Dragon Power without any large installation

The all New SpeechKit Bar

The SpeechKit bar opens together with the Speech Recognition Recorder window:

  • Microphone icon: indicates whether the microphone is on/off
  • Volume bar: gives a visual indicator of the sound volume
  • Menu: via the menu, users can add new words to the vocabulary, manage auto texts and display the list of applicable commands: 

New Speech Recognition Anywhere 
Utilise DPA & DLA 

The new Speech Recognition package also includes a license for the Dragon dictate-at-the-cursor product Dragon Legal Anywhere or Dragon Professional Anywhere 

Users can now extend the speech recognition functionality to anywhere they would typically type: office productivity, applications, web browsers, and other standard Windows applications.

Need Further Advice? 
Call the experts at Speak-IT

Speak-IT Solutions offer support, installation & training on Philips SpeechExec Enterprise solutions. Call The Voice Technicians on 0121 456 7800 to ensure that you get the correct tools for the job!

Call: 0121 456 7800

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  • Remote support & installation
  • Product training
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