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Olympus ODDS EOL Notice - Click Here for More Information
Olympus ODDS EOL Notice - Click Here for More Information

Using third party software has never been easier!

Whether you want easily accessible buttons to rewind YouTube videos while learning the guitar or just a simple solution to third party dictation software, a custom configured foot pedal might be the solution for you.

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Four Buttons, Infinite Options

How does it work?
With the power of our custom configured foot pedal, you can use your feet to press the pedals that are tethered to hard-to reach keys on the keyboard.

This can be especially useful for speeding up workflows or your next guitar lesson.

What software can I use this with?
Any! As long as there are buttons you need to press, the custom footpedal can be configured to press singular buttons or even combined buttons such as 'Ctrl + C' which can be used to copy content.

How do I use my foot pedal when it arrives?
Simply plug the device in, and it will be pre-configured for your software needs!

Compatible with:

  • Olympus RS28
  • Olympus RS28H
  • Olympus RS31
  • Olympus RS31H

If you have a request for a custom configured foot pedal, please click here to reach out to a member of our team, and we can assist with the configuration of your foot pedal before it is shipped to you or call 0121 456 7800 to speak directly to someone in our office.


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