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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

OM System ODMS Cloud License - 12 Month Subscription

£118.80 | £99.00 ex. VAT
SKU V4204000E010

Every innovation at OM System is designed to deliver the highest quality performance, in a compact, lightweight package...

OM System ODMS Cloud offers a seamless, secure, cloud-based solution for authors and typists. ODMS Cloud is licensed per user, per annum - with built-in support, updates and maintenance. Click here to download the OM System ODMS Cloud Brochure >>

Call us today on 0121 456 7800 or email for a free 30-day trial of ODMS Cloud!

ODMS Cloud Mobile App for Authors (iOS/Android)

Users can dictate, edit and upload dictations directly from their smartphone to ODMS Cloud with ease. No external files or attachments - any dictations uploaded are saved securely in the ODMS Cloud platform, ready to be accessed and transcribed by a typist. 

Similar to the previous (now end-of-life) ODDS service, users have the same familiar record/edit functions, with the ability to assign priority, comments, keywords and worktypes to their dictations - as well as 256-bit AES encryption for complete data security. Dictation routing rules can be set based on Author ID, Worktype, and more. 

ODMS Cloud Portal for Typists

ODMS Cloud provides a simple, seamless interface for typists accessing dictated files. Any files assigned to the transcriptionist or group are visible and clearly labelled with any associated dictation properties. 

On opening a dictation, typists can control playback of recordings via the mini-player (installed with the ODMS Cloud Desktop App), compatible with supported Olympus foot controls. Administrators can configure template documents to be opened automatically based on Author ID or Worktype - streamlining the transcription process from start to stop. 

In completing a dictation, the workflow is automatically updates so typists can easily identify completed, pending and suspended jobs - authors can track the process of their dictations via their mobile app or the ODMS Cloud web-portal on their computer. 

ODMS Cloud for Administrators

ODMS Cloud is quick and simple to set up, requiring no heavy configuration. Users can be added, removed and edited via the administrator login, as can worktypes, typing pools/groups, and template documents. 

The ODMS Cloud portal also allows administrators to keep on top of existing subscriptions and renewals, providing an intuitive interface to manage any existing ODMS Cloud licenses.

Secure online storage

Built with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and hosted regionally, the data you use is secure the moment you start recording. There's no need for additional local storage or complicated server setups. If you're after additional peace of mind, with the push of a button you can download and backup your audio files to local storage at any time. 

Key Features
  • Secure, cloud-based ODMS solution
  • Mobile app for iOS/Android (authors only)
  • Web-based administration
  • Web-based access for authors and typists
  • Lightweight ODMS Cloud desktop app for automatic upload and transcription playback
  • Supports .DS2, .DSS, .MP3 and .WAV files
  • Supports MS Edge and Google Chrome web browsers
  • Automatic routing of dictation based on 'rules'
  • Configurable worktypes and template files
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Supports current Olympus foot controls and DS-series machines
  • Automatic updates
What's Included
  • ODMS Cloud 12-month Subscription (priced per-user)
  • Support, maintenance & updates

Operating system

  • Windows/PC
  • MacOS
  • Smartphones (App downloadable from Google Play and Apple App stores)


  • OM SYSTEM – DS-9100, DS-2700
  • Olympus – DS-9500*, DS-9000, DS-2600


  • OM SYSTEM foot pedals- RS-31N, RS-28N, RS-27N
  • Olympus foot pedals – RS-31H, RS-28H, RS-27H



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