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Introducing: Philips SpeechLive Teams

Introducing: Philips SpeechLive Teams

With the new update of SpeechLive released on November 23rd 2021, an exciting new feature has been implemented with it. You will now be able to assign your typists and authors to teams.

This new feature will revolutionise the way you work with your colleagues cutting hours of manual workflow to maximise the efficiency of your day. 

Simply create a new team as the Administrator or Office Manager, add typists and authors from your current team and then save. When your authors send out a finished dictation, any typist in the assigned group can now pick up the task and complete as usual without the author having to send or link to specific individuals. All finished files will also save in the same location for easy navigation.

There will be no changes to current workflow relationship when the update launches as this feature will be optional to all users. The SpeechLive app will now present an additional selection screen after user chooses “Send to Transcriptionist” to help assign a group (if applicable).

For a full tutorial on how to set up a new team in SpeechLive, watch the video below.
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