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CM-2000-BT  Desktop Conference Speakerphone/Microphone Product Review

CM-2000-BT Desktop Conference Speakerphone/Microphone Product Review

After a thorough week of testing at Speak-IT, the Bluetooth CM2000-BT Desktop Conference Speakerphone/Microphone has shown its true potential as a strong competitor to other more expensive meeting microphones on the market.

Used in multiple meetings throughout the week here at Speak-IT, we have found the audio quality to be crystal clear and simply superb. The newly added speakerphone located in the centre of the wireless device was loud and clear. It was also easy to adjust.

Thanks to the CM2000-BT's bluetooth capability, you can easily connect to PC, iOS and Android devices making it ideal for an all round solution no matter the device you wish to use.

The CM2000-BT allows you to 'Plug and Play' with leading meeting software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. The device also boasts to work with all other virtual meeting solutions making it incredibly compatible for any meeting or business.

Audio pickup is very clear at a range of up to 5 metres and the device can even daisy chain with the CM1000 models for larger meetings with ease. With a small and unobtrusive footprint, the CM2000-BT is the perfect meeting recorder to place on your conference table.

Speak-IT highly recommend this device and are very happy to score it a 5/5 in every aspect from form to functionality.

If you are looking to purchase meeting recording equipment we highly recommend the CM2000-BT.

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