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Philips SmartMike DUO: The Future of Conversation Transcription

Philips SmartMike DUO: The Future of Conversation Transcription

Tired of writing meeting notes or dictating important points after your conversation? With the all new Philips SmartMike Duo, you can now simultaneously dictate and transcribe in real time with up to two speakers. Both an audio and a text form will be created for future reference if needed!

This allows you to focus on your conversation partner and the task at hand. Note that this new feature is currently only supported by the SpeechLive Web App. Watch the video below to see the SmarMike Duo in action with SpeechLive Speech-to-Text...

To get started, simply connect the device to your computer via the supplied USB cable and then position the SmartMike Duo between two speakers. 

If you wish to instantly transcribe too, make sure to turn on speech-to-text. 

With the SmartMike Duo, dictation playback has never been easier. The audio file can be broken down into playback of just one or the other speakers or both together for the whole conversation!

To use the recording & playback feature, you need a SpeechLive plan (business package) and a SmartMike Duo (PSM 1010). If you also want to use a real-time speech-to-text, you need the Add-on Speech-to-text package, but testing is possible without the package.

If you are looking for further advice about this product or IT solutions in general, please call on 0121 456 7800. 

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