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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Zeptive Wired Vape Detector - PoE Version

by Zeptive
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Schools, retail outlets, public buildings and lots more across the globe choose Zeptive for their Vape Detection. Zeptive is created by scientists and engineers with decades of experience in the chemical detection industry.

This product is the wired PoE version - are you looking for the Zeptive Wireless WiFi Enabled Vape Detector? Please click here >>

Why Zeptive?

  • The only vape detector with built-in battery and wired capabilities (WiFi model only)
  • Easy to install and move units for optimal performance (WiFi model only)
  • Dedicated support from industry experts
  • Industry leading sensitivity
  • Low false-alarm rate

How it works

  1. Set up in minutes - comes ready to place on walls, ceilings or any where else
  2. Detect vape - patented advance protection and false-alarm prevention
  3. Receive alerts - provides the information you need to track vaping events and plan effective responses and prevention activities

Please note: all Zeptive vape detectors require an annual license for Zeptive Cloud, per device. Please click here for more information >>

Why go for wireless vape detection?

Zeptive offers the only wired AND wireless vape detection system in one box! Need to find out where your problem vaping hotspots are? No problem! set up with ease without the need to permanently install your Zeptive sensors viaa wired PoE connection. With 2 x rechargeable batteries supplied, and WiFi connectivity, Zeptive vape sensors can be relocated with ease. Click here for the Zeptive WiFi/Wireless Vape Detector >>

Check your network - please click here to view our easy Zeptive WiFi checklist!

Key Features
  • Integrated tamper sensor
  • Wired option - to be hardwired via PoE
  • Tamper resistant screws
  • Low false-positive and false-alarm rate
  • Mount to a wall or ceiling 
  • Mounting hardware supplied
  • Remote access and management via a mobile app
  • iOS and Android app compatibility
What's in the Box
  • Zeptive Wired Vape Detector (no WiFi/Wireless option - requires PoE)
  • Hardware mounting kit
  • iOS/Android app
  • Web console for remote management
  • *Requires Zeptive Cloud Annual License, per device*

Where and how do I purchase a Zeptive Vape Sensor? is the best to place to order a Zeptive Vape Detection Sensor online - alternatively, feel free to call on 0121 456 7800 or email to speak with a member of our sales team. 

What does the Zeptive Vape Sensor detect and how does it do it?

The Zeptive Vape Sensor detects the chemical constituents in vape aerosol and uses a variety of sensors with a proprietary set of algorithms that can be individually tuned to provide users customized detection settings to fit their unique environment. Users can adjust their own settings to make systems more or less sensitive or utilize Zeptive’s Support Team to assist.

The system detects all types of vape including non-nicotine, nicotine and marijuana (THC) based vape and simultaneously detects smoke

How sensitive are the sensors?

The sensors are extremely sensitive to vape i.e. ppm. The ability for a sensor to detect vape is influenced by numerous factors such as the size of the room, the proximity of the detector to the source of vaping, and the direction, speed, and volume of airflow in the room. Vape is an aerosol and travels via diffusion.

The benefits of a battery-operated vape detection device is that you can easily move the device close to the source of the vape.

How much coverage does one sensor provide?

Typical coverage is a 12’ x 12’ area with the sensor at a height of 8’, but it does depend on several factors such as room air flow, and where in the room the sensor is placed.

Another benefit of the portable, wire-free Zeptive Vape Sensor is that you can easily move the sensor to better detect vaping.

How does a wire free (battery with cellular or WiFi communications) vape detector help me? 

DIY installation: no need to run wires (saves money and time), select an ideal location for your sensor and mount to a wall or ceiling with tamper-proof screws. With a wireless installation, your sensors can be moved easily at any time.

What alert notification options are available?

Mobile iOS/Android app, web console, text messaging, email and audible. All can be configured using the Zeptive iOS/Android app. 

We may not be able to respond in time to the vaping incident, how does Zeptive support this?

Response time can be a real challenge for staff. Zeptive offers the following capabilities to help address this:

  • Each alarm is recorded in the app and web console and there is a time stamp recorded. If you can't respond in time you can cross examine your cameras with your time stamp to view any available footage (if available). 
  • The app and web console can also track your vape alarm data over time. This enables staff to identify patterns and can then position themselves at the restrooms at those times. For example, you may see over time that every morning before class at 7:10am there is a lot of vaping in the boy’s restroom on the 2nd floor near the library. This information enables staff to plan accordingly.
  • It is extremely challenging to reduce student vaping and unfortunately detectors by themselves cannot solve the vaping epidemic, but they can help provide a deterrent and also detection that provides insight to the problem such as where and when vaping is happening.
  • Some schools approach is to focus on providing sensors for a few restrooms and really focusing on reducing vaping in those restrooms so that students who wish to use a vape free restroom have a place to go.
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