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Zeptive Vape Detectors - Pre-Installation WiFi Checklist

Zeptive Vape Detection units are the easiest devices on the market to set up and install. Offering both a completely wireless and wired option, Zeptive vape sensors can be easily positioned, relocation and hard-wired as and when required. 

Please find some useful information and materials below which will help you ensure that you can get up and running with your Zeptive vape detectors with minimal fuss...

Zeptive's WiFi Requirements

To utilise WiFi to communicate with your Zeptive devices, there are certain requirements that need to be met:

  • WiFi security and encryption: Broadcast SSID, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK (will
    not work with WPA2 Enterprise network)
  • 2.4 GHz band only
  • Consistent and strong WiFi signal
  • Certain ports must be open for the Zeptive device to connect to the Zeptive cloud account, please see below.


Zeptive requires certain portes to be open and that two domains are accessible. Please use our handy port-tester below to validate the ports and domains. 

With the port tester open, click on the 'Test Connectivity' button. The tester will check to see if the ports we need are open and that the domains are reachable.

When complete, the results will show green check marks for open ports and accessible domains. Failures will show an error and those ports/domains unreachable. 

MAC Address Filtering

If your organisation is using MAC address filtering as part of their network security regine, let our support team know and Zeptive will be able to provide the device MAC address(es) required. 

Hardware/Software Firewall

If hardware and/or software firewalls are used, exceptions may need to be made for these devices. It is best to test one or two devices on your network prior to mounting them in their final location. Zeptive support can work with you to resolve any connectivity problems. 

Have any queries or looking for more information on our range of Zeptive Wireless Vaping Detectors? Please feel free to call our sales team on 0121 456 7800, email or browse our products online here. 


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