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Nuance Dragon Professional Individual vs Dragon Professional Anywhere: What are the differences?

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual vs Dragon Professional Anywhere: What are the differences?

As pioneers of professional Speech Recognition software, Nuance have numerous offerings available and it may be difficult to identify the right product for your requirements. That's where we come in...

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual V15 is a fantastic software product; enabling users to seamlessly navigate between applications, create documents, compose emails and conduct web searches - all with the power of voice. 

Thanks to Nuance's in-context engine and Deep Learning Technology, Dragon learns your voice, accent, vocabulary and pronunciation to become more accurate the more you use the software. You can also create custom voice commands and insert custom vocabulary to ensure that each and every word spoken is recognised correctly. 

Dragon Professional Individual holds this information, referred to as a 'Voice Profile', locally on the computer's hard drive - ideal if you are only using the one PC and do not need to utilise Speech Recognition in any other locations as your voice profile is assigned to this computer. 

However, if you want to use Dragon on multiple devices, this may not be the solution for you, as each device will have differing levels of accuracy depending on how much the software is used. In simple terms, using Dragon Professional Individual V15 on a new PC is like starting from scratch.

Dragon Professional Anywhere offers much of the same functionality of Dragon Professional Individual with some important upgrades. The main one being that with the software being cloud-based your 'Voice Profile' is not held on the PC - it is held securely in the cloud...

What does this mean? Holding your Voice Profile in the cloud means that you will always have access to your custom vocabulary, custom voice commands, accent and pronunciation information no matter which PC you use, your Dragon Professional Anywhere Voice Profile follows you around!

Moreover, Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere requires a fraction of the processing power of locally installed alternatives as much of heavy lifting (speech processing) is carried out securely via the cloud. With a lightweight footprint and a simple one-click installation, Dragon Professional Anywhere is a uniquely powerful yet portable solution. 

Dragon Professional Anywhere offers support for virtual IT environments (including: Citrix, VmWare, RDS & more) and can be easily installed on any Windows-based machine; an absolute dream for IT engineers and office managers.

Nuance's cloud-based offerings do not stop there; alongside Dragon Professional Anywhere, Nuance have released the Dragon Medical One and Dragon Legal Anywhere cloud based solutions tailored to industry specific processes and specialist terminology. 

Experience Nuance Dragon in the cloud for yourself - call today on 0121 456 7800, email us on or follow this link to request a free pilot license!

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