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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Philips DVT4110 VoiceTracer Lecture Recorder

by Philips
£109.99 | £91.66 ex. VAT
SKU DVT4110/00

Please note: This voice recorder DOES NOT have FILE & EDIT capabilities. - What's this?

The all-new Philips DVT4110 Digital VoiceTracer. Capture lectures and distant speakers in outstanding sound quality with 3 high fidelity microphones. Record and control your recorder remotely using a smartphone app. Using the Philips VoiceTracer App, users can activate recording remotely and share files via WiFi to colleagues, friends and family - no need to connect your recorder to a PC (although you still can if you want to). 

  Download DVT4110 Spec Sheet
 Philips DVT4110 two high fidelity microphones

Three High Fidelity Microphones

When recording distant speakers, their voices are often too quiet. The innovative lecture mode, optimised for recording speakers analyses the incoming audio signal and automatically adapts the zoom level to the sound source. The microphone focuses on the speaker in the centre and filters sound coming from other areas. Surrounding noises are suppressed making the speakers voice crystal clear.


 Philips DVT4110 easy share via smartphone app

Easy Share

Transfer your recordings straight from your Philips VoiceTracer to your smartphone via WiFi and instantly share them with friends, colleagues and family using the Philips VoiceTracer app. No need to connect your voice recorder to the PC.


 Philips DVT4110 VoiceTracer with Remote Control

Remote Control

Control your audio recorder using your smartphone, even from a distance. The Philips VoiceTracer app makes recording events like lectures much easier and more convenient. You can place your recorder in the front of the room near the speaker, take a seat at the back and still control and adjust the recording comfortable and without interrupting the lecture.


Philips DVT4110 VoiceTracer Audio Recorder with Voice Activation

 Voice-activated Recording

Voice-activated recording is a convenient feature for hands-free recording. When enabled, the recording will start automatically when you begin speaking. Recording pauses when you stop and resumes when you begin speaking again. 


 Philips DVT4110 VoiceTracer comes pre installed with audio scenes

Audio Scenes Preinstalled

The DVT4110 comes with preinstalled scenes which automatically adjust the recorders audio settings depending on what you want to record; notes, audio for speech recognition, interviews, lectures, music or meetings.


 Philips DVT4110 VoiceTracer Smart Recording Function

Smart Recording Function

Smart recording functions make it even easier to achieve stunning results. The pre-recording and timer functions ensure you never miss a second. Voice-activated recording makes for hands-free operation, automatically pausing when you stop speaking and resuming when you start up again. Recordings can be edited by overwriting a part or adding a new recording at the end. Smart playback functions such as bookmarks and filters also make it easier and quicker to find the recording you are looking for. 


 Philips DVT3120 Extra Long Battery Life

Extra Long Battery Life

The high-capacity Li-ion polymer battery can be easily charged through a standard micro USB jack. This guarantees extended battery life for extra-long recording time. 


Key Features
  • 3 microphone system
  • Plug and play with Mac and Windows
  • Preinstalled audio scenes for optimal recording quality 
  • XL colour display
  • Remote control via app
  • Wireless sharing via app
  • Voice activated recording
  • Extra long battery life
  • MP3 and PCM recording

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