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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

OM SYSTEM ODMS R8 Dictation Module AS-R801 Software (Single User License)

£149.99 | £124.99 ex. VAT
SKU V4204110E000

Enjoy a more efficient dictation workflow with OM SYSTEM's ODMS R8 Dictation Module.

Benefit from enhanced accuracy, streamlined transcription processes and greater collaboration between authors and transcriptionists. 

Download the OM SYSTEM ODMS R8 Brochure.

This is a downloadable license - when you purchase this software product we will send your license key to you via email along with instructions on how to download your software. Please note license keys are non-refundable once issued.

Easily download directly from OM SYSTEM or Olympus handheld devices, or dictate directly using the Olympus RECMIC II USB microphone into the audio management interface. This user-friendly administration system is simple to use yet feature-rich, boosting productivity and efficiency for both authors and transcriptionists.  

Review & editing

Give your transcriptionist everything they need before they receive your recording. The audio player enables you to review the downloaded dictation, edit the audio and convert the file format. Not only that, but add or remove index marks that highlight key points in your dictation.

Priority setting

Tell your transcriptionist which jobs take precedent by marking them with either 'high' or 'normal' priority. Ensure the most important dictations get done first, improving both of your workflows. 

Enhanced security

Feel secure about your business-sensitive and clientele personal data. This On-Premise solutions works seamlessly with your own secure IT environment, as well as offering 256-bit AES encryption so any information is shielded from anyone who isn't authorised to access it. Because ODMS R8 sits on your internal network, no data or recordings are stored externally. 


Add additional comments

Each file includes both Author ID and Worktype, and ODMS R8 also gives authors the ability to add priority tags for task management, as well as comment functionality. This can be vital in highly sensitive industries, where a transcriptionist may need additional context or information vital for accuracy.

Status updates

With the ability to see the status of recordings by both authors and their transcriptionist or typing pool, everyone knows what is being done and what stage each job is at, improving coordination and flow.

Flexible transcription options

Whether you have a dedicated professional typing pool or are using automatic speech recognition tools (sold separately), ODMS R8 offers flexibility for incredible accuracy of transcriptions.

Folder management and filters

Send your dictations to the right place with folder structures based on author, transcription pool or worktype. These folders are mirrored across your network, so everyone sees the same thing. 

Document association

Well-kept records are the cornerstone for a smooth-running and efficient workflow. Easily find associated audio recordings and transcription files with ODMS R8's simple and efficient document linking. 

Automatic routing

Experience reduced complication with automatic routing ODMS R8. Authors can send audio recordings automatically to their transcriptionist or typing pool based on AuthorID or worktype - no time-consuming emails creation and attaching files.

Supported audio formats

Whatever your recording and playback preference, ODMS R8 supports extensive options including DSS, DS2, WAV and MP3. Enjoy the flexibility, with encryption or without.

Record meetings

As well as downloading from handheld devices and recording straight into the interface, ODSM R8 can also capture audio from meetings held online in platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex. Using the propriety DSS format, the recordings can easily be shared because they're up to 5 times smaller than WAV files, and the content is safe with real-time 256-bit AES encryption.

Key features
  • One cost, no subscription
  • Comprehensive playback control
  • Add priority and comments to audio files
  • Live status updates
  • Folder & filter management
  • Document association
  • Automatic routing
  • 256-bit AES audio encryption
  • Online meeting recording


  • OM SYSTEM – DS-9100, DS-2700, RM-4010N, RM-4110N
  • Olympus – DS-9500, DS-9000, DS-2600, RM-4010P, RM-4110S, RM-4015P, RM-4100S, RM-4000P

Foot pedals are not compatible with the Dictation module.  Please see the Transcription module for this functionality.   

What's in the box
  • OM SYSTEM ODMS R8 Dictation Module AS-R801 Software (Single User License)

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