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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere (12 Month User Subscription) + Dragon Anywhere Mobile

by Nuance
£790.80 | £659.00 ex. VAT

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PLEASE NOTE: This software is NOT compatible with macOS

This product is ideal for use with the new Nuance PowerMic 4 which is designed to enhance productivity and provide ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions, the all new Nuance PowerMic 4 offers simplified, thumb‑control operations for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing speech recognition generated documentation into standard templates and reports.

Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere empowers attorneys and legal professionals to create high-quality documentation. Firms and legal departments can streamline repetitive and manual documentation processes while saving time for IT staff and boosting productivity and efficiency for busy professionals across work teams. 

Highly scalable and ready-to-use, Dragon Legal Anywhere works across your existing infrastructure of Windows-based devices, including virtualised and remotely accessed PCs. The lightweight Windows client application downloads and installs in minutes and provides an encrypted connection to its hosting infrastructure, Microsoft Azure. 

In addition to a full legal vocabulary, Dragon Legal Anywhere can be customised to include sector specific terms, phrases and formatting rules that ensure a fast and accurate Speech Recognition experience. Additional features include customisable voice commands and autotexts, navigation and voice-based correction. 

Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere (DLA) is an enterprise Speech Recognition solution that allows legal professionals to create high-quality documentation using the power of voice. Businesses can streamline their documentation processes without the need for additional IT staff for installation and configuration. 

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Fast and Accurate Speech Recognition SOftware from Nuance with Dragon Professional Anywhere

Fast, Accurate & Highly Customisable

Fast, extremely responsive and highly accurate out of the box enterprise Speech Recognition with voice profiles that can be easily accessed across multiple devices. 


No limits on productivity with Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere - Take a free trial today from Speech Products by Speak-IT

No Limits on Productivity

Speak freely and as much as you like with no per user limits - business professionals can stay productive anywhere and focus on the business rather than the technology. 



Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere is easy to install and maintain - take a free trial from Speech Products by Speak-IT Solutions

Easy to Install and Maintain

No complex configurations, one-click installation and automatic updates all means less hassle for your employees and less hassle for your IT staff. Users can be up and running in just minutes.


Leverage Nuance's Deep Learning Technology with the brand new Dragon Professional Anywhere, Take a free trial from Speech Products

Leverage Nuance Deep Learning Technology

With a next-generation speech engine powered by Nuance Deep Learning technology, Dragon achieves high recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or open-office working. 


Dragon Professional Anywhere offers Thin Client Support - Take a free trial to see how easily DPA can integrate into your existing workflow

Thin Client Support

Support for thin client hardware, server virtualisation as well as Citrix environments. Allows for fast and easy integration into your IT infrastructure. 


Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere supports virtualised environments - trial it for free today from Speech Products

Support for Virtualised Environments

Supports Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware, Horizon View, RDSH Server or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, enabling users to dictate from workstations and thin clients.


Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere is fully secure with 256-bit AES encryption

256-bit Encrypted Data

The clients connect to a server component that is installed using 256-bit encryption. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. 


Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere provides an intuitive central user administration centre - trial for free from Speech Products

Central User Administration

The Nuance Management Centre makes it easy to track employee usage of Dragon, redistribute licenses based on usage and manage or share customisations; including custom words, commands and auto-texts across multiple users. 


Video Demonstrations

Key Features
  • Fast, accurate and highly customisable
  • Full British Legal vocabulary for specialist terminology
  • Import custom words/vocabulary/terminology
  • Central user administration
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Support for virtualised environments
  • Thin client support
  • Nuance Deep Learning Technology
  • Easy installation/maintenance
  • Automatic updates
  • No usage limits

Download a Nuance Dragon Comparison sheet

What's in the Box
  • Dragon Legal Anywhere Cloud License (12 Month Subscription)
  • Dragon Anywhere Mobile Cloud (12 Month Subscription)
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