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Grundig Digta WiFi Adapter

by Grundig
£186.00 | £155.00 ex. VAT

The Digta WiFi Adapter allows you to connect directly to your network without a PC. The Digta WiFi adapter uses a network cable (LAN) or wireless network (WLAN) to send your dictations to the secretarial staff via email or FTP server. All you need to do is place the dictation device into the docking cradle and your data will be automatically transferred to the predetermined address. 

You can set up the Grundig Digta WiFi Adapter and docking station in the reception area/conference room or other strategic location and avoid long trips back to your PC, speeding up workflow and decreasing lead time on documentation turnaround. 

Using the Digta WiFi adapter, administrators can issue configuration and maintenance conveniently. If a configuration file is available, it can be transferred to the device as you connect to the docking station. When you disconnect from the docking station and WiFi adapter, the new configuration will be applied. 

Key Features
  • WiFi adapter for direct transfer of dictations via FTP or email
  • Connection via LAN or WLAN
  • For use with Digta 7/4/40 devices and respective docking stations
What's in the Box

Grundig Digta WiFi Adapter


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