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Grundig Digta Station 447 Plus Set

by Grundig
£168.00 | £140.00 ex. VAT

The Grundig Digta Station 447 Plus provides users with easy data transfer whilst allowing simultaneous charging of two batteries. 

As soon as you place your dictation device (Digta 7 series) into the Digta Station 447, the device will connect to the PC to enable file transfer, signified by the front mounted LED indicators. The extra rechargeable battery can also be placed into the docking station to be charged individually whilst the dictation device is in use - meaning that you will always have a fully charged battery to work with. 

Thie Digta Station 447 supports Grundig Transcription Accessories like the USB Swingphone Headset and the Grundig 540 USB foot control. These can be connected directly to the docking station to enable playback and transcription of dictations for a complete standalone solution. No software required - no need to integrate with internal infrastructure.

Key Features 
  • Docking station for the Grundig Digta 7 series
  • Charges the device and spare battery simultaneously 
  • Connection for a transcription headset and Grundig foot control 
What's in the Box
  • Grundig Digta Station 447
  • Rechargeable battery pack 962
  • Power supply
  • Grundig USB cable

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