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Olympus ODDS EOL Notice - Click Here for More Information
Olympus ODDS EOL Notice - Click Here for More Information

Olympus ODDS Dictation Delivery Service - Important EOL Notice

OM System (previously, Olympus) are releasing a new ODMS Cloud solution, to replace existing Olympus ODDS and ODMS R7 software and services. Please see below for some important information on how and when the change is taking place:

The ODDS is scheduled to end on March 31, 2025. OM System will release our newest service in April 2024. Due to the end of service date for the ODDS, you will no longer be able to order new licenses or renew your existing licenses from the Olympus Dictation Portal beginning March 27, 2024. Please contact your OM System professional audio dealer for information and assistance with updating to our new service.

If you wish to continue using the ODDS until the end of the service, please consider renewing your licenses before March 26, 2024. The procedure for renewing licenses differs depending on the expiration date. For details, please refer to the following.

Renewing licenses with an expiration date after March 27, 2024

Because the ODDS Licenses will not be available for purchase after March 27, 2024, please consider purchasing new licenses before that date and manually assign them to your users.

Renewing licenses with an expiration date before March 26, 2024

Please make sure to flag your licenses for renewal by March 13, 2024. After this date, you will no longer be able to flag the license for renewal.

Migrating to ODMS Cloud

  • All ODDS accounts can migrate to the new ODMS Cloud platform.
  • Any ODDS user can continue their current subscription until their expiration date, or the EOL date of 31st March 2025 - whichever comes first. 
  • The user can decide to move to the ODMS Cloud or continue to use ODDS within their current subscription period. 
  • Any user that wants to continue with ODDS past their expiration date will need to purchase a license before 26th March 2024. No purchase of ODDS is possible after this date!
  • Ant user purchasing ODDS before 26th March 2025 will be able to continue to use the service until 26th March 2025, with the option to move to ODMS Cloud within this period at no extra charge for the author. Typist license(s) will be required for ODMS Cloud, as the Email and FTP sending options will no longer be available with the new OM Cloud Solution. 

A top-level view on how the new OM System software line-up is going to look:

  • Olympus PRO software (ODMS R7 Standalone, SCP & Workgroup Mode) will be superseded by ODMS Cloud. 
  • Olympus STANDARD Software (DSS Player Standard, DSS Player for Mac) will be superseded by ODMS R8 Standalone. 
  • No locally installed software version for Mac OS users - Mac OS users are now recommended to use ODMS Cloud instead. 

Discontinued products:

  • ODDS iOS/Android Dictation Service
  • ODMS R7 Standalone
  • ODMS R7 Workgroup & SCP
  • DSS Player Standard R2
  • DSS Player for Mac

If you have any queries, please contact Speak-IT on 0121 456 7800 or email In the meantime, here's what to look forward to with the new ODMS Cloud Dictation Solution releasing April 2024. 


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