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Grundig Digta 7 Premium Set (incl. Digta Soft Pro Software)

by Grundig
£594.00 | £495.00 ex. VAT
SKU SDM7030-22

Please note: This product has FILE & EDIT capabilities. - What's this?

The Grundig Digta 7 Premium Integrator Set with Slide Control is the latest generation soft recorders from Grundig. It has all of the same innovative features of the Grundig Digta 7 Slide Switch Control voice recorder and more - includes DIgta Soft Pro software for intuitive dictation management. 

  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Soft-touch composite surface
  • Voice recognition for dictation ID
  • Position and brightness sensors
  • Individually programmable keys

Security features include 128/256-bit encryption, PIN/PUK access restrictions and double data storage for backup.  - What's this?


Docking Station

The Digta Station 447 allows users to transfer dictations to the PC quickly and easily while simultaneously recharging the device. A footswitch connection allows for hands-free dictation. With a set of headphones, the docking station becomes a fully-equipped transcription station. 

View Grundig Digta Standalone Transcription Kit


Download Grundig Digta 7 Push Integrator Specification Sheet Download Grundig Digta 7 Spec Sheet
Key Features
  • 2GB internal memory for almost 300 hours of recording time
  • Slide switch control for creating and editing recordings
  • Memory expandable with SD memory cards
  • Records in DSSPro (DS2) for superior sound quality, suited for Speech Recognition
  • XXL display, high contrast
  • Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Easy mode
  • PIN/PUK protection
  • UUID and Encryption (128 bit/256 bit) - What's this?
  • Shock absorbing and non-slip housing
What's in the Box
  • Grundig Digta 7 Slide Control
  • Grundig Digta Soft Pro Software
  • Grundig Digta 7 USB Docking Station
  • 2 x AA rechargeable batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Pouch

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