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Save over £100.00 on Dragon Professional/Legal Anywhere this summer with Speak-IT!

Dragon Medical One (DMO) and Nuance PowerMic Mobile Implementation

The below information explains how to install the Dragon Medical One software in all environments and contains links to the software required to begin your free trial.

All trials will require you to enter your registered end user details to begin. Looking to pilot Dragon Medical One? Sign up here or call on 0121 456 7800 to obtain your unique voice profile and user login. You may also wish to purchase a Dragon Medical One license here.

Getting started with Dragon Medical One (Desktop)

Dragon Medical One must be co-installed in the same environment as the applications you wish to dictate into. Dragon Medical One also also requires an ‘always available’ internet connection and unfiltered access to the Nuance recognition servers.

Dragon Medical One Standalone Installation 

  • Installation process for local installations and virtual environments such as Citrix, VMWare or RDS.
  • Provides seamless end user delivery.
  • Requires direct server access with administrative privileges.
  • Allows administrators to control versioning and upgrades at an organisational level.

Getting Started:

  1. Download Dragon Medical One Standalone using this link.
  2. Right-click the downloaded folder, select 'properties' and then tick the 'unblock' box and 'apply', then 'OK'.
  3. Right click the folder again and select 'Extract all'.
  4. Select a suitable file location/destination to extract the files to.
  5. In the extracted/unzipped folder, navigate to the 'Standalone' folder. 
  6. In the 'Standalone' folder, scroll down until you see the 'SoD' application (see screenshot below). Double click this to launch the app and then sign in with your (valid) username and password. You can then right-click the icon that appears on your task bar and select 'pin to task bar' for easy access.

Download Dragon Medical One Standalone Package Here >>

Getting started with Nuance PowerMic Mobile (Mobile Microphone) 

Manual installation and configuration

Open Dragon Medical One on your desktop computer, select Nuance PowerMic Mobile as the microphone device and login. The microphone icon on the Dragon Bar is orange whilst waiting to pair with the mobile device.

Install the Nuance PowerMic Mobile App from the mobile devices App store or by using one of the following links:

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Open this page on the mobile device and click onto the configure button below associated with your device, when prompted select to open the link with the Nuance PowerMic Mobile App.

Please Note: If clicking the configure button associated with your device below does not ask you to open the link using the PowerMic Mobile APP or the link does not open or generates an error, copy the text below the configure button, open the PowerMic Mobile APP, click Add Profile, paste the copied text into the Profile URL box, enter a friendly name for the profile and click Save.





Once the PowerMic Mobile APP profile has been configured enter the same email address you use for the desktop application and the microphone should pair automatically. The microphone icon on the Dragon Bar is purple once paired with the mobile device.

Dragon Medical One Chrome Extension for Dictation Into Web-based Applications

To enable dictation at the cursor in HTML pages stored in the local file system, follow the link below or read the manual instructions:

Manual Instructions:

  1. In the Google Chrome menu, expand More tools and click Extensions.
  2. Search for "Dragon (DMO, DMD, DPA, DLA) Web Extension", click Details and select Allow access to file URLs.

This should enable dictation directly into text fields within web-based applications. Not all web apps/text fields are supported.

For further support and assistance with your Dragon Medical One Installation & Configuration, please call us on 0121 456 7800 or email at


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