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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
What are the cost benefits of talking vs typing?

What are the cost benefits of talking vs typing?

When it comes to making notes, time is always of the essence. In healthcare, the speed at which documents are filled out can save lives and thanks to newer, faster methods of voice recognition technology, note-taking workflows can be sped up by up to 3 times.

Average words per minute is tripled

With the average words per minute that a person can type sitting at just 40, using voice technology to achieve 160 words in the same time frame can revolutionise the way that healthcare professionals and others manage their time. When partnered with a powerful studio-quality Olympus microphone such as the Olympus RM-4010p, you can guarantee a highly accurate speech-to-text result. On average, typists save around 1+ hour a day, which may not seem like much, but when tallied up for the entire year, it can average around 260+ hours that you have to do other things.

What Speak-IT have to say

When asked about the benefits of talking instead of typing, Sean Quiney, Speak-IT's managing director had this to say;

“Dictation allows work to be documented and captured in real-time. Yes, this is faster than manual typing, but also – thoughts, words and sentences often come more naturally when you are not waiting for your hands to catch up with you! This means that documentation is often more detail-rich – more comprehensive. More comprehensive documentation leads to better patient care, better reporting, and better service. Return on investment includes reduced document turnaround times, reduced strain on administration staff, reduced risk of RSI due to manual typing, improved quality of content through fewer inaccuracies and an improved work-life balance.”

A unique plug and play dictation solution

When it comes to dictation on the go, the Olympus RM-4015p is a unique dictation microphone. Designed with 8GB of internal memory, the device works similarly to a USB drive, enabling users to store and access files. 

Coupled with Dragon Medical One, an award winning, cloud based, GDPR compliant speech recognition solution, users can dictate clinical documentation with up to 99% accuracy straight out of the box. Dragon Medical One also comes equipped with an entire vocabulary of sector-relevant terminology that can be used to further enhance the speed and efficiency of your transcription.

Custom words can also be used to increase your words per minute further, this can be achieved by adding abbreviations to your custom vocabulary that you can say to quickly implement entire sentences and forms.

For further information on the benefits of talking instead of typing, please feel free to get in touch on 0121 456 7800 or email us at

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