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Speak-IT Recommends | A unique plug and play speech recognition solution

Speak-IT Recommends | A unique plug and play speech recognition solution

When it comes to dictation on the go, the Olympus RM-4015p is a unique dictation microphone. Designed with 8GB of internal memory, the device works similarly to a USB drive, enabling users to store and access files. 

Coupled with Dragon Medical One, an award winning, cloud based, GDPR compliant speech recognition solution, users can dictate clinical documentation with up to 99% accuracy straight out of the box.

In addition, the setup couldn't be easier! Simply plug the microphone into the PC, double-click the Dragon Medical One launcher which comes pre-loaded and log into your account for instantaneous access to Dragon. Furthermore, because the Dragon Medical One features a cloud-based roaming voice profile, you can run the software on any Windows PC and still have access to all of your saved settings, custom vocabulary and auto-texts - whichever PC you are connected to.

 Advantages of the RM-4015p Preload bundle
Discounted price when purchasing as a bundle  
Save your voice profile to storage on the device so you can dictate anywhere, anytime with your customised settings and vocabulary
Polygiene Antimicrobial surface
Triple-layered studio quality pop filter for crystalline clarity when recording, even in busy public areas
Fast and easy mouse and navigational controls

Please note, not all Olympus RM4015p products sold on our site come with Dragon Medical One. Only the product linked here is in this offer.

If you have any other questions regarding this product or dictation for medical working environments, please feel free to call us on 0121 456 7800 or email us at

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