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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM Audio Recorder

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SKU V409180BG000

The OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM Recorder offers professional filmmakers, YouTube enthusiasts, musicians, Students, and Journalists the sound quality and versatility for which the LS Series of audio recorders is renowned. With a compact and robust design, the LS-P5 is an ideal companion as a stand-alone recorder or a camera video accessory.

Click here to download the OM System LS-P5 Brochure & Tech Specs >>

Ushering in the next-gen of handheld digital audio recorders, the OM SYSTEM LS-P5 hands users ultimate control over the stereo image thanks to Tresmic II technology. The three microphones capture a broad field to the left, right and in the middle and come backed up by a stack of twenty-one settings for configuring the stereo image. And, while you can record and save audio as WAV files, you can also record lossless FLAC files or MP3s and get the most out of the built-in 16 GB internal memory.

But just in case, the LS-P5 also features an SD card slot that's compatible with both micro-SDHC and micro-SDXC cards. This recorder does provide a clear and uncluttered menu structure navigated via a clean interface, and can also be controlled remotely via the DVR Remote smartphone app.

More Details

Bluetooth Enabled

Wireless sound monitoring and full control via the smartphone DVR Remote app for iOS and Android - up to a distance of 10m (32ft)

125DB SPL Directional Microphones

Distortion free recording from loud music and ambient sounds to bird songs and lectures. 

Intelligent Auto, Manual & Smart Recording Modes

Intelligent Auto Mode will automatically adjust you sound levels dynamically. Manual Mode provides an array of fine tuning parameters. The all-new Smart Mode sets the optimum sound levels and settings by listening to the environment before recording. 

Bright Sound, Optimal for Voice Recording

The new 'Bright Sound' mode offers clearer recordings of the spoken word, useful for vlogging, lectures, meetings or interviews. Recording with elevated mid to high-range levels makes it possible to capture audio while minimising the effects of ambient sounds. 

Custom Scene Modes for Recording with Ease

Not only can you save your custom settings, but the LS-P5 offers 2-mic noise cancellation for recording in noisy environments. This is a 'scene mode' known as noisy situation. Designed to record spoken audio in very noisy environments. One microphone listens to the background noise while the user speaks into the other. 

Pre-Recording Ensures that you Will Not Miss Anything

With the 2 second pre-recording mode, you won't miss the opportunity to record birdsong or lectures due to control lag. 

Composite USB Audio Mode

Use as a USB microphone and speaker. Perfect for streaming or virtual online meetings. 

Key Features
  • Tresmic II directional control
  • Wide field and narrow field recording settings
  • Linear PCM recording quality
  • Bluetooth enabled - control from a distance
  • FLAC, MP3, PCM recording formats supported
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Approximately 37 hours battery life
  • Micro SD card slot for external storage
  • AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Zoom microphone mode
  • Low cut filter
  • Voice guidance
  • Overdub feature
  • Fade in/fade out
  • Max SPL: 125db
What's in the Box
  • OM SYSTEM LS-P5 Linear PCM recorder
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • iOS/Android DVR Remote App

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