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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!
PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Olympus DS-9500 Premium Legal Speech Recognition Bundle

by Olympus
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£1,032.00 | £860.00 ex. VAT
SKU V741010BE000-3

Please note: This voice recorder has FILE & EDIT capabilities. - What's this?

The ultimate Legal Speech Recognition Bundle. Not only can you take advantage of automatic transcription via back-end speech recognition - you can now utilise any advanced legal terminology in all of your work with confidence in both Dragon's incredible accuracy and Medincle+ Legal's comprehensive vocabulary bolt-on.

Combine your Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Device with Dragon Speech Recognition Software for a streamlined dictation workflow and easy speech-to-text transcription.

The DS-9500 is the new hero product in the Olympus product portfolio of mobile dictation devices for professionals who want to turn speech into text easy, anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to its capability of sending dictations in an email via Wi-Fi and the support of audio codecs like PCM and MP3 it is very easy to get dictations sent to any dictation workflow software or speech recognition software.


Share your dictations anytime, anywhere...

Once the device is connected to a network via Wi-Fi, you can send your dictation anytime anywhere. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity, Authors no longer need to carry a PC to download the dictations to the ODMS workflow. Since you can send the dictations via Wi-Fi at any time, thedevice does not need to be physically connected to the docking station anymore.


 Olympus ODMS R7 Dictation Management Sotware for the DS-9500 WiFi Enabled Device

Easy and secure management with ODMS R7

The ODMS R7 software allows you to easily share your files with recipients. Prioritise highly important files. (Not included with the System Edition).


 2 Year warranty available on the Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Device
Thanks to the robust housing and fabrication, the device is very durable. Our tests confirmed that the DS-9500 continues its recording when falling off a desk and survived the tests without any impairments (drop tested up to 1.5m). Also, the coating is alcohol resistant, allowing you to clean the device hygienically. 


Tried and Tested Legal Speech Recognition Bundle from Speech Products UK
Tried and Tested for Accurate Legal Speech Recognition... 

This Legal Speech Recognition Bundle has been approved by our team of experts and awarded with a high level of accuracy as well as providing a complete Legal Dictation solution with full UK medical terminology.


Medincle Plus Dragon Legal Plugin - for use with Dragon Professional Individual 15.4
This kit includes Medincle+ Dragon Legal Plug-In

Medincle+ is a great way to boost productivity, improve learning, and enhance document turnaround time. Get the tools you need to succeed in healthcare with this affordable SpeechRecognition Legal Add-On.

Medincle+ is the standard Medincle Spellchecker software alongside a specially developed add-on package which adds full UK Legal Terminology to Dragon.


Speech Recognition solution for Lawyers, law firms and law students - includes Dragon Professional Individual 15.4
Also includes the latest Dragon Professional Individual v15

The software is a smarter next-generation speech recognition solution that empowers busy professionals to complete documentation and reporting quickly and accurately on the PC, so you spend more time on activities that boost the bottom line.


Key Features
  • Intelligent 2 Microphone System
  • For Speech Recognition in noisy environments
  • Includes Nuance Dragon Professional Speech Recognition Software
  • Includes vocabulary bolt-on for Legal Speech Recognition
  • Directional Stereo Recording for conference recording
  • Dictation Transfer and Device Configuration via Wi-Fi
  • Precise 4 position slide switch
  • Flexible dictation tagging (with DSS Pro)
  • 2.4" full colour display (260,000 colours)
  • Impact-resistant body up to 1.5m high
  • 256 bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec - What's this?
  • Device lock by PIN code
  • Dedicated docking station with easy and light connection feeling
  • AC Adapter bundled for recharge with docking station
  • Comes with ODMS R7 Dictation Module Software
What's in the Box
  • New Olympus ODMS R7 Software (Dictation Module) *Premium Kit only*
  • Nuance Dragon Professional Individual v.15.4
  • Medincle+ Legal bolt-on for advanced vocabulary
  • DS9500 Digital Voice Recorder
  • CR-21 Docking Station (LAN/USB)
  • KP-30 micro USB cable
  • CS-151 Case
  • Li-92B Rechargeable Battery
  • A517 Power Adapter
 Download Olympus DS-9500 Brochure Download Olympus DS-9500 Brochure


 Download Olympus DS-9500 Spec Sheet Download Olympus DS-9500 Spec Sheet


 Download Nuance Dragon Professional Individual 15.4 Data Sheet Download Dragon Professional Individual Data Sheet 



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