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PHILIPS SPEECHLIVE: Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Legal Anywhere Bolt-ons Now Available!

Digta Transcription Premium Kit 568 with DigtaSoft Pro

by Grundig
£454.80 | £379.00 ex. VAT
SKU KDC5672-22

The Digta Transcription Starter Kit is a complete writing solution that transcribes dictations professionally! This solution is ideal for beginners and includes headphones, Foot-Switches and the DigtaSoft Pro software for advanced workflow settings. With the DigtaSoft Pro software you receive dictations easily and quickly via e-mail. The display of priorities, identifications and time stamps provide an optimal overview of the existing dictations and their urgency.

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 Grundig Digta Pro Transcription Kit Premium with DIgta Soft Pro and Transcription Station
The Digta Soundbox 830 playback station features an integrated sound card for optimal dictation playback. Simply connect the soundbox to your PC via USB, saving space and providing connections for both the foot control and Swingphone headset. Complete with a headphone mount, users can safely and securely store the Swingphone headset avoiding breakages and clutter. 


 Grundig Digta Pro Transcription Kit with Foot Control, Headset & Digta Pro Software
The Grundig 540 USB Foot Control is rugged and ergonomically designed for professional transcription day in and day out. The Grundig 540 Foot Control has 3 buttons for start/stop, fast forward and rewind, giving you complete control over transcriptions. 


 Grundig Digta Swingphone Transcription Headset included with Digta Pro transcription Kit
The Digta Transcription Starter Kit includes the Grundig Digta Swingphone 568 USB headset The USB connection means that you can automatically bypass the PC's sound card, providing high-quality audio no matter what the system specs. The ergonomically designed Swingphone headset is ergonomically designed, providing comfortable use over extended periods of time. 


 Grundig Digta Soft Pro Software included with Grundig Digta Transcription Kit
Digta Soft Pro speech processing software provides authors and secretarial staff with expanded workflow management options. The software includes many additional functions as well as the configuration and management of multiple inboxes - fulfilling very specific requirements in professional industries across the board.  


Key Features
  • Professional Transcription Kit compatible with Grundig dictation machines
  • Includes DigtaSoft Pro
  • Intelligent dictation management
  • Advanced workflow configuration & priority settings
  • Automatically set deadlines
  • Includes professional Grundig 540 foot control and Swingphone headset
What's in the Box
  • Grundig Digta 540 USB Foot Control
  • Grundig 830 Soundbox
  • Grundig 568 Swingphone Headset
  • Digta Soft Pro Software

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