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DAC FP-110-USB-W Waterproof Three Button Foot Pedal

£454.80 | £379.00 ex. VAT

The DAC FP-110 three-button waterproof USB foot pedal is the ideal tool for pathology labs. Its waterproof functionality and simple to use three-pedal setup allows for safe and hygienic hands-free dictation and playback. Easily cleaned, the FP-110 is perfect for pathology due to its wide design so all pedals are effortless to find under heavier PPE.  

Incredibly durable, the DAC FP-110 has been designed for commercial usage and is built to last for years of daily use in even the toughest of environments such as pathology labs - where the need for hands-free dictation and playback control is crucial in completing work hygienically and efficiently. 

Key Features
  • 3 Function Foot Pedal with USB Connector
  • Waterproof foot control: great for pathology and other medical applications
  • Compatible with software designed for foot control
  • Commercial strength design ensures years of daily use
  • Buttons are labeled with large durable text
What's in the box?
  • DAC FP-110-USB-W Three Button Foot Pedal (waterproof)

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