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The Benefits of Speech Recognition for Medical Documentation

The Benefits of Speech Recognition for Medical Documentation

Tired of spending hours of your day on typing patient referrals and administration? If so, Speech Recognition could be for you.

Easily achieving over triple the average words per minute (WPM) of a standard typist, speech recognition could help to greatly increase the time you spend, for example, with patients and away from your desk. This allows you to focus primarily on the patient - not on the keyboard!

At up to 160 WPM, Dragon Medical One (DMO) is an excellent example of how you can get more out of your workday. Because Dragon is 99% effective the second you start the program, it allows for seamless integration of accents, Medical Jargon and different pronunciations. Alleviate the stresses of daily work and allow for more automation in your reporting by utilising powerful features such as auto-texts and custom commands. 

With a higher range of mobility whilst dictating, focussing on X-rays, images and other documentation has never been easier. Allowing for free movement, speech recognition helps you fixate your attention where it is really needed.

Abbreviations can be added to make your words per minute even faster, for example, DMO comes packaged with a full extensive list of medical jargon including the hardest medical terms to say such as 'Talimogene Laherparepvec' and then allow for it to be abbreviated to reduce chances of you getting your tongue twisted in the middle of a recording.

When using Dragon Medical One, you can cut down on turnaround times for referral letters, prescriptions and other patient correspondence, creating more time for patient care and other core competencies.

Dragon Medical One also takes Nuance’s leading medical speech recognition to the cloud for more power and flexibility. It’s hosted on UK-based, ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure data centres, making it completely UK GDPR compliant for protecting your patients data.

If you are looking for further advice regarding speech recognition for medical, legal or any other type of documentation, please call on 0121 456 7800 or email
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