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Have you seen a solution you like? Click to book a Teams call with one of our product specialists!

Transcend TS-DBN1-16T DrivePro Control Centre with 16TB Storage

£1,510.00 | £1,258.33 ex. VAT

A medium-sized organization that employs, say, 20 to 30 body cameras with officers taking shifts around the clock can generate over 3,000 hours of footage in just one week. That's more than 10,000 hours per month. In six months, these officers will have accumulated 60,000 hours of video footage for which storage space, storage costs, and data retention management all pose a problem. Don't sweat it yet, though. We have a solution.

The Transcend DrivePro Body Control Centre is a digital evidence management system designed specifically to work with the TS-DPD6N networked docking station. With up to 16TB storage capacity, this secure, centralized server can store more than 4,000 hours of 1080P video recordings.

Files past their retention period can be deleted automatically, keeping the system clean while ensuring there is always sufficient space for new video evidence.

Supporting simultaneous connection of up to 3 DPD6N docking stations, or 18 DrivePro Body 30 or DrivePro Body 60 body cameras, the Control Center makes it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to handle large amounts of evidence efficiently.

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More Details

Pre-installed software

The DBN1 package comes with Transcend's versatile DrivePro Body Control Center software, just a few user configurations away from being use-ready – which means you are not merely buying hardware—this is the whole package!

Secure centralized server

With all sensitive data locally and securely stored, pinpointing and reviewing critical evidence is easy and safe. The software's intuitive access control allows supervisors to monitor and track records, from user activity to devices' geo-tagging history, meaning a greater level of security.

Easy configuration

The pre-installed software allows users to copy device configuration rules from one camera unit to other connected devices. You can make cameras run automatic firmware upgrades whenever there is a new release, and keep firmware up-to-date across all your DrivePro Body cameras.

Key Features
  • Complete, turn-key body camera storage and management solution
  • Pre-installed with professional DrivePro Control Centre software
  • 16TB built-in storage to handle large amounts of evidence
  • Restrict access via role-based user permissions
  • Monitor activity, footage and geo-tagging history from a central location
  • Designed for Transcend DrivePro body cameras
  • Manage data retention policies based on importance and classification
  • Add or remove file categories
  • Monitor device charge and backup status
  • Add, remove or configure docking stations
  • Assign users to bodycams
  • Arrange files by category
  • Create template camera settings to push to multiple devices
  • Log every operation for full chain-of-custody tracking
What's in the Box
  • DrivePro Control Centre
  • 16TB built-in storage
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable
  • User manual
Download DrivePro Control Centre Product Sheet Download DrivePro Control Centre Product Sheet

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