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Save over £100.00 on Dragon Professional/Legal Anywhere this summer with Speak-IT!
Save over £100.00 on Dragon Professional/Legal Anywhere this summer with Speak-IT!

SpeechWare USB TravelMike Portable Microphone for ChromeBooks, Laptops & NoteBooks

£274.80 | £229.00 ex. VAT
SKU UTM Travel

The SpeechWare USB TravelMike is a compact and portable microphone designed to produce outstanding results with Speech Recognition software and VoIP applications. 

Not all audio hardware is created equal. Unlike most audio devices on the market, the SpeechWare TravelMike USB has been specifically designed and manufactured for optimum performance with speech. The combined effect of SpeechWares industry-first 'Speech EQ' and Automatic Gain Control is crucially important for achieving highly accurate results with Speech Recognition software products such as Nuance Dragon. 

Ensuring that you always maintain a consistent distance to the microphone is not as important with the SpeechWare TravelMike as it is with conventional microphones, as the TravelMike USB detects when the sound source (your voice) has moved further away and automatically increases the input volume.

Key Features
  • Small, compact USB microphone - ideal for traveling 
  • Outstanding Speech Recognition accuracy
  • Automatic gain control
  • Industry-first Speech EQ
  • Helps create a consistent input volume for increase Speech Recognition performance
  • Enjoy the freedom of no longer needing to wear a headset
What's in the Box
  • SpeechWare USB TravelMike
  • Spare USB Cable
  • Spare windsheild
  • Rigid USB Adapter 

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