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Happy New Year from Speak-IT - Click here to view our early 2021 deals!
Happy New Year from Speak-IT - Click here to view our early 2021 deals!

SpeechWare TwistMike with SpeechMatic Multi-USB Adapter Bundle

£298.80 | £249.00 ex. VAT

 This product is supplied with the powerful yet compact SpeechWare SpeechMatic Multi-USB Adapter for enhanced connectivity and performance. The SpeechMatic USB Adapter features SpeechWare's Speech EQ and Automatic Gain Control technology for outstanding Speech Recognition and VoIP results. 

The SpeechWare TwistMike offers unrivalled flexibility and outstanding audio quality with a high sensitivity, noise-cancelling microphone attached to a long, flexible 75cm long microphone boom arm. The SpeechWare TwistMike is thin, flexible and easy to bend whilst remaining rigid enough once positioned to hold the microphone capsule in position. 

Ideal for use with both desktop and laptop computers, the SpeechWare TwistMike offers unrivalled accuracy with Speech Recognition software. This microphone can be used in 4 different ways; clamped onto a desk, worn around the neck, used with the SpeechMatic USB Audio Adapter (included) or plugged directly into any SpeechWare TableMike base unit. 

Key Features
  • Flexible microphone boom arm
  • Includes SpeechWare SpeechMatic USB Adapter
  • 4 different usage options
  • Compatible with SpeechWare TableMike base units
  • Ideal for maintaining an optimum distance from sound source
  • Accurate results with Speech Recognition software
  • 3.5mm golden plated jack
What's in the Box
  • SpeechWare TwistMike
  • SpeechWare SpeechMatic Multi USB Adapter
  • Detachable clamp
  • Microphone windshield