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Nuance Dragon Pro Anywhere & Olympus RM-4015P (8GB) Monthly Hardware/Software Subscription

by Olympus
£81.00 | £67.50 ex. VAT
SKU V741003BE000/DPA

The ultimate mobile plug-and-play speech recognition bundle...

This package includes the Nuance Approved Olympus RecMic RM-4015p (8GB) dictation device pre-loaded with Dragon Professional Anywhere cloud-based Speech Recognition software. Simply plug in your Olympus RecMic and launch Dragon Pro Anywhere on any Windows machine or tablet from the device's internal storage - meaning that you now only need to carry around one device to use Dragon anywhere, anytime...


Where will I see a Return on Investment?

Subscribing to Dragon Professional Anywhere provides you with UNLIMITED use of the world's most powerful, instant front-end speech recognition application without having to worry about the spec of your PC. For the same cost, a transcription agency will provide you with (on average) a transcript of just 18 minutes of spoken audio with a 24 hour turnaround. 

if you are serious about documentation - this is the solution you've been waiting for...


Monthly subscription fee includes:

- Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere
- Olympus RecMic II RM-4015P Device
- FREE Remote Support



The RM-4015P RecMic II is created to cater to the highest demands of professionals who want the best usability and results with any speech-to-text solution. The RM-4015P also comes with an extra smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to reduce disturbing touch noises. The device is equipped with an antimicrobial surface meeting hygienic requirements, especially when used in medical environments.

 Olympus RecMic II Nuance Dragon Certified Accuracy
The New Olympus RecMic Range has been developed for high levels of accuracy and are excellent for use with the latest version of Dragon Professional 15 for PC and Dragon For Mac.

These Olympus Microphones have been tested by Nuance and awarded with the highest level of Dragon Certification.


 Olympus RecMic II 4015p 15 GB memory
The Olympus RM-4015P RecMic II...

The RM-4015P is uniquely equipped with 8GB internal memory. The memory can be used like a USB-Stick and allows for instance to store your most important documents or the user profile of your particular speech recognition software.



 Olympus RecMic II Faster Navigation and Mouse Control
Faster Cursor Navigation and Mouse Control...

The integrated track-ball allows controlling your mouse cursor while dictating. The smart trackball accelerates the moving speed when needed and can be clicked to trigger the left mouse click.


 Olympus RecMic 4010P Close Loudspeaker Chassis
Closed Loudspeaker Chassis...

Thanks to this clever construction, the speaker generates enough volume with good sound quality even from the smaller opening of the body. This also helps to keep the speaker unit away from dust.


 Olympus RM-4010P RecMic triple layer studio quality microphone
Triple-Layer Sound Studio Pop-Filter...

The microphone housing now includes a triple layered pop-filter. The construction blocks the wind noise of the mouth when talking into the microphones and is ensuring that no pop-noises are recorded. Thus, best results with speech recognition are achieved. If your typist is doing your transcriptions, she/he will love the pleasant recording quality as well.


 Olympus RM-4010P RecMic with antimicrobial surfacing for hospital environments
Effective Against Microbes...

The antimicrobial materials in the surface of the devices effectively protect against microbes. The Polygiene technology behind that is based on the natural ability of silver ions to inhibit the growth of microorganism.


 Olympus RM-4010P RecMic Microphone Stand
Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection...

The dedicated microphone stand allows you a hands-free dictation, while operating with other instruments. The RecMic II automatically switches to wide directional, so you do not have to care about microphone settings when switching between hands-free and classic dictation.


 Olympus rm-4010P RecMic full compatibility with keyboards
Full compatibility with keyboards...

The user can select between three different modes, which are operating in a standard HID-Keyboard mode. Two are pre-defined button settings either for Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition and the third is fully customizable via the Olympus RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT). Organisations that make use of virtual environments also benefit from the HID keyboard mode, because no special drivers need to be installed.


 Olympus RM-4010P RecMic Noise cancelling microphone
Noise Cancellation Recording...

The advanced noise cancellation feature identifies voice and keeps it as it is. At the same time non- or low-relative sound is suppressed without distorting the voice. Anytime. Anywhere.

The noise cancellation and directionality settings can be configured via the RCT (RecMic Configuration Tool) Software or via button combinations without any software (see Quick User Guide).


Key Features
  • USB direct dictation device
  • Nuance Dragon Pro Anywhere PRE-LOADED
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Mode
  • Windows Speech Recognition Mode
  • Fully customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Trackball with smart Cursor Motion
  • Symmetrical and ergonomic design for comfortable hold
  • Closed Loudspeaker Chassis
  • Directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises
  • Engineered to work best with Dragon Speech Recognition Software
  • Triple-Layer Sound Studio Pop-Filter
  • Built-in volume control for convenience
  • 5 programmable buttons for customised workflow
  • HID Keyboard Mode
  • Antimicrobial Surface
  • Microphone Stand with automatic Stand Detection
What's in the Box
  • Olympus RecMic RM-4015P USB Microphone
  • Pre-loaded with Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere
  • Olympus RecMic Stand
  • Instruction Manual

For this product, we recommend our support package 'Assist Me'. Purchase 'Assist Me' alongside your professional software/equipment and get 50% discount on support (discount applied at the checkout). 

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Plug & Play Dragon Pro Anywhere

This is the ultimate mobile Speech Recognition solution. The Olympus RecMic II 4015P device comes PRE-LOADED with Nuance Dragon Professional Anywhere - meaning you can simply plug the microphone into any Windows PC or tablet and use Dragon for fast and accurate Speech Recognition.


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