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Infinity USB Foot Control & SH-55 USB Headset

by Philips
£74.99 | £62.49 ex. VAT

This product contains the Infinity USB Foot Control and the Spectra SH-55 USB transcription Headset - a complete hardware kit for transcriptionists who require compatible equipment to work with existing software, such as; Express Scribe, Lexacom, BigHand, Crescendo, G2 Speech, Winscribe & more. 

This Hardware Kit is also ideal for use with third-party software...

Compatible with BigHand Software
Compatible with M Modal Software
Compatible with Winscribe Software
Compatible with Lexacom Software
Compatible with G2 Speech Software
Compatible with Crescendo Software

The Infinity USB Foot Control is ergonomically designed to allow hands-free typing, providing users complete control over common audio playback functions (start/stop/rewind/fast forward). 

The supplied Spectra SH-55 USB Transcription Headset features a USB connection & under the chin style headset design for plug-and-play compatibility and comfortable use for hours on end. 

Key Features
  • Complete Transcription Hardware Kit
  • Includes Infinity USB Transcription Foot Control 
  • Includes Spectra SH-55 USB Headset
  • Compatible with Express Scribe Software
  • Compatible with leading third-party software applications
What's in the Box
  • Infinity USB Foot Control
  • Spectra SH-55 USB Transcription Headset

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